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Edupreneur Factory is an education, coaching and consulting initiative that enables the transfer of knowledge using Live sessions, recorded content, documents and AI assistants, to help students achieve outcomes

The Team

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Sir Kuldeep Surolia
Founder & Head Teacher of the ‘Academic Research Team (ART)’ at SORSFORT | 20+ years of Teaching Experience

I am Kuldeep Sirola, founder & ‘Head Teacher’ of the ‘Academic Research Team (ART)’ at Sorsfort, 20+ years of teaching experience as an experienced educator, academician, and author.

I come from a family of educators, government officials, and freedom fighters, with a strong sense of duty toward society.

I have witnessed firsthand the problems faced by the education system - lack of quality schools, inadequate teacher training, outdated curriculum, and ineffective teaching methods

I believe that the country needs more edupreneurs who can create better schools, train teachers effectively, and provide quality education to students.

My team and I have developed unique academic projects like PPP, PTHV, Cloud Classroom, StarsLearn report card, and Chess as Curriculum.

Join me in creating a brighter future for education and making a positive impact on society.