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The Team

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Sir Kuldeep Surolia
Founder & Head Teacher of the ‘Academic Research Team (ART)’ at SORSFORT | 20+ years of Teaching Experience

I am Kuldeep Sirola, founder & ‘Head Teacher’ of the ‘Academic Research Team (ART)’ at Sorsfort, 20+ years of teaching experience as an experienced educator, academician, and author.

I come from a family of educators, government officials, and freedom fighters, with a strong sense of duty toward society.

I have witnessed firsthand the problems faced by the education system - lack of quality schools, inadequate teacher training, outdated curriculum, and ineffective teaching methods

I believe that the country needs more edupreneurs who can create better schools, train teachers effectively, and provide quality education to students.

My team and I have developed unique academic projects like PPP, PTHV, Cloud Classroom, StarsLearn report card, and Chess as Curriculum.

Join me in creating a brighter future for education and making a positive impact on society.